Maxam forklift covers

The aggressive, self-cleaning design and side protection offers excellent traction and riding comfort.


  • Cut and wear resistant tread compound
  • Self-cleaning
  • Less vibration and greater stability
  • Excellent grip and completely flat profile
  • Reinforced flank, side and heel for increased stability
  • Depth under the tread for better resistance to punctures
5.00-8 MS801 (3.00D) PR10 TT SET
6.00-9 MS801 (4.00E) PR10 TT SET
6.00-9 MS801 (4.00E) PR12 TT SET
6.50-10 MS801 (5.00F) PR10 TT SET
6.50-10 MS801 (5.00F) PR12 TT SET
7.00-12 MS801 (5.00S) PR12 TT SET
7.00-12 MS801 (5.00S) PR14 TT SET
7.00-15 MS801 (5.50)  PR14 TT SET
7.50-15 MS801 (6.00)  PR14 TT SET
250-15 MS801 (7.50)  PR20 TT SET
8.25-15 MS801 PR14 TT SET
8,15-15 (28X9-15) MS801 (7.00) PR14 TT SET
300-15 MS801 PR22 TT SET
12.00-20 MS801 PR24 TT SET
12.00-24 MS801 (8.50)  PR20 TT SET
14.00-24 MS801 (10.00)  PR28 TT SET